The Colour of Darkness

A portrait of Kaspar Hauser showing how he looked in the first year after his release
The Colour of Darkness
being an account of the life and times of the Nuremberg foundling, KASPAR HAUSER.

This is work in progress and contains two strands: on the one hand it is a detailed biography of the Nuremberg foundling, Kaspar Hauser; on the other hand, it is a sketch of the political and cultural events and personalities of his times, portrayed in tandem with the different phases of his short life.

The purpose of this is twofold:
first, it is to show the clear parallels between this extraordinary phenomenon and the rise and fall of what we now call 'Romanticism'; secondly, it is to enable readers to judge for themselves what contribution this individual might have made to his times, had he not been treated the way he was, suffering what was called by his first biographer 'soul murder'.
Kaspar Hauser in the portrait commissioned by Lord Stanhope