The Bachelors
'The Bachelors'
from the novella Der Hagestolz by Adalbert Stifter commisssioned and published by Pushkin Press

The story:
Victor leaves the home of his foster mother to begin his working life. His journey takes him to a remote island in the middle of a lake, where his only relative, an uncle he has never met, lives. The old man, who has never known love, lives in a barricaded mansion, surrounded by an atmosphere of death and decay. Victor finds himself a virtual prisoner and must confront his own past in order to regain control of his life.

Two review extracts:
"This intense novella … is written with understatement, yet its atmosphere is apt to linger in the mind. It is issued here in a capable new translation by David Bryer, which keeps close to the original." Maren Meinhardt in The Times Literary Supplement, May 1st 2009

"After my week with David Bryer's beautiful, slow translation of "The Bachelors', I am now looking for a future holiday week to read Turmalin and other Stifter, too." Sir Peter Stothard, Editor of The Times Literary Supplement