The Man Who Sees Ghosts
The Man Who Sees Ghosts
by Friedrich von Schiller commissioned and published by Pushkin Press

The plot:
A German Prince on his European Tour is residing in Venice. He appears to be thoroughly grounded and intelligent and exposes the attempt on the part of an infamous fake sorceror to dupe him as a clever hoax. However, first he gets lured into gambling and then, the coup de grace, into falling in love. In this way what transpires to be Catholic plot to bring him back into the arms of Rome succeeds.

What the critics said:
“Pushkin Press certainly know how to bring out the beauty in a novel: this pocket-sized edition is so pretty it’s hard not to judge the book by its cover. You wouldn’t be far wrong in doing so either, however the old saying goes, because Schiller’s narrative, Der Geisterseher, newly translated by David Bryer, is every bit as beautiful and haunting as its covers suggest.” Tobias Hill in The Times, December 20th 2003

“This single attempt [by Schiller] at novel writing is a supernatural gothic classic.” The Glasgow Herald 13th December 2003

“It is love which is the prince’s undoing, and the novel comes to life at its recounting. ‘Is it possible never to have known, never to have missed something and then a few moments later to be living for this alone?’ the prince asks.” The Guardian December 27th 2003

“This handsome reissue … is an immensely welcome curiosity … a wonderfully weird little work.” S.B. Kelly in The Scotsman 8th December 2003