The Prince of Homburg
David Bryers Tanslation of The Prince of Homburg
Shadow on his soul: Dan Fredenburgh
as the prince with Tanya Moodie
The Prince of Homburg
by Heinrich Kleist co-translated with Neil Bartlett

This translation was commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith

What the critics said:
"Neil Bartlett revives [The Prince of Homburg] with elegance and passion [and] is also responsible, with David Bryer, for this bracing new version." Kate Kellaway, The Observer Review 3rd February 2002

"The Prince of Homburg, given in Neil Bartlett's fervent production and his own [with David Bryer] eloquent translation, offers an eerie perspective on life." Nicholas de Jongh, The Evening Standard 31st January 2002

"On the night before an important battle against the Swedes, the Prince has a sleep-walking episode in which (as he puts it in Neil Bartlett's and David Bryer's beautiful new translation of this 1811 Kleist play) he sees the palace 'split open' …" Paul Taylor, The Independent 1st February 2002

Neil Bartlett